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22 Jul 2005: Royal Mediterranean Hotel @ Guangzhou, China

I have a pleasant surprise on this trip to Guangzhou. They put me up at the magnificant Royal Mediterranean Hotel (地中海国际酒店), located in the exciting Tianhe district of Guangzhou.

The room is very spacious and elegantly designed to reflect its unique design and colour scheme.

Look what I found? A flat screen television in my bathroom!

Probably this cosy hotel room provides some comfort for coming to this city, known for having one of the highest crime rates in China. Many Guangzhou residents blame the high crime rates on migrant workers. The vices are not restricted only to petty crimes; motorcycle thieves snatching passerby’s handbags are particularly brazen. Guangzhou has to ban motorcycles and motorized bicycles in many parts of the city mainly as an anti-crime measure. I heard that other violent crimes such as muggings are also on the rise. So my strategy is staying put inside this room and going out only on need basis. 

Wish me luck!


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