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28 – 29 Jun 2000: Nanning, Guangxi Province

Famed as China’s Green Capital, Nanning (南宁) is a garden city with charming subtropical scenery of  green mountains, winding rivers and exquisite lakes. Pleasant climate endows on the city as well, with verdant trees and fragrant flowers all year round.  Therefore, this capital city of Guangxi Province is a fertile agricultural region for producing subtropical fruits and sugarcane.


My encounter with Nanjing is extremely short. As I understand, this beautiful land has  more than 30 ethnic minority groups living harmoniously for more than a thousand years. Zhuang (壯族) is the largest minority group of China and over 90% of them live in Guangxi. Their history and ethnic culture add charm to the city.

Nanning Mingyuan Hotel 明园新都酒店


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