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Day 3 | 24 Nov 2001: Milford Sound, NZ

Our excitement grew as we approched Milford Sound. Afterall, this is New Zealand’s most acclaimed and scenic destination. British author and poet, Rudyard Kipling, had previously called Milford Sound the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. Milford Sound is actually a fjord, carved from granite thousands of years ago, and then flooded with sea water. As we drove into the sound, splendid views of deep green forest, towering snow capped mountains and tumbling rivers came into our sights.






After stepping onto a ferry, the cruise brought us intot the sound surrounded by vertical rock cliff and lush rain forests on either side. The ride was pretty chilly and along the way, we were told to watch out for seals, sea birds, and dolphins..






“Seal! Seal!” Finally, we spotted two resting on the rock.

After the Milford Sound trip, we did some shopping in Queenstown before going back to Aspen Hotel.


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