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A Day Trip to Kukup

11 May 2011: Kukup, Malaysia

The time now is half past seven. My worst fear has just crystallized. Our excited spirits were dampened by the congested queue snaking along the Johore Malaysian Immigration. And our trip to Kukup has barely started.

Just one week ago, the Malaysian Immigration mandated a new biometric thumbprint scanning systems, requiring all foreigners entering and exiting Malaysia have their left and right index fingers scanned at the checkpoints. Inevitably, the expanded use of biometrics resulted in more delay at the ports of entry. But what truly infuriated the traveller was the authority’s decision to implement the new system during the height of Malaysia’s tourist season; and it was reported that the malfunctioned system caused many to wait as long as five to seven hours. For the records, ours was four hours!

Starved and exhausted, we FINALLY commenced our Kukup trip at 12 noon. The basic instinct was to fill our stomach at Taman Perling, JB. After the brunch, it was shopping time. First, replenishing our titbits and snack at the “Mr Sotong” Shop…

Just like all other arranged tours, the local guide gladly ushered the tour group into the designated gift shops. One of the stops was at Yong Sheng Confectionery, one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in the southern region of Malaysia. Established in 1952 in Muar, Yong Sheng produces some of the best quality wife cakes, moon cakes, cookies and pastries in Malaysia.

It is little wonder why our tour guide was grinning from ear to ear…


Kukup is a small fishing village located about forty kilometres southwest of Johor Bahru. Nested next to the Strait of Malacca, it is famous for its open-air seafood restaurants built on stilts over the water.   

Located in the seas of Kukup are fifty or so fish farms, commonly known as “kelongs” . Besides raring fishes, these entrepreneurial fish farmers wisely combined their daily work with hosting of tourists at their fish farms.

After the late lunch, we boarded the bum boats from the ferry terminal to visit one of the kelongs.


To many urban dwellers like me, these kelongs do have its quaint and rustic charms. As we disembarked and balanced our steps on the creaky wooden walkways, the life science and marine lessons commenced. 

The fish farm owner dredged out a few species of fish from the  fishing net as he gave a running commentary about grouper, nurse shark, puffer fish and horseshoe crabs. We were simply busy with clicking of our cameras.

What caught my attention were these small fishes which could spit jets of water out of water at their preys…and with amazingly good accuracy!

Today, I had a good view of a distinguished Horseshoe Crab. This pre-historical creature has a long blade-like tail and is said to have the ability to flip itself right-side up if it is ever placed upside down. Amazing, isn’t it?

 Final glimpse of the kelongs heading back to the shore…

For some of us, shopping at the sundry stores in Kukup created some nostalgic moments…

The finale ended with another sumptuous seafood dinner at the Xin Hui Bin Restaurant before returning home. Fortunately, the traffic at the Immigration had eased off significantly. The time is 10.30 pm now…All we wanted is head straight home to bed.


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