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Trident Gurgaon by day and by night

14 Feb 2011: Trident Gurgaon @ Delhi, India

Stepped into Trident Gurgaon, you would immediately comprehend why it was voted as Asia’s Leading Luxury Hotel at the World Travel Awards in 2010. Located at the central business district of Gurgaon (a part of the New Delhi National Capital Region), the hotel is only 10 kms from the airport and can be reached within 20 minute drive on a normal day traffic.

This award-winning hotel has seven acres of landscaped gardens, walkways, courtyards, reflection pools and fountains.

And an outdoor swimming pool that is heated during winter…

 I stayed in a Superior Room with a view of the gardens.

Trident Gurgaon at night has its charm in a different light…

I am in Delhi this week attending a conference. Delhi has changed so much since my last visit in 2007. It has rekindled my interest to see and explore the “New” Delhi…


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15 Feb 2011: Bukhara @ ITC Hotel Maurya Sheraton & Towers, New Delhi

Internationally acclaimed as one of the best restaurants in Asia, Bukhara have been serving cuisine of the Northwest Frontier Province (currently the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan) since 1977. President Clinton and other visiting heads of state, celebrities and royalty alike had been delighted by the succulent kebabs, grilled to perfection in the Bukhara’s open kitchen. All of its chefs underwent extensive training in the art of marinating and cooking in a tandoor, a traditional Indian clay oven that provided better retention of all juices and flavors. Bukhara does not take reservations; therefore, go early or be ready to wait in a queue.

Pic with Joni

Its rustic interior is another drawn-in attraction of this pricey restaurant – rough stone walls, dark-timble tables and we had to sit on small wooden stools. To encourage diners to savor the restaurant’s juicy kebabs with their hands, cutlery is withheld and aprons are provided.

Pic with Claire and Stephane

The menu was developed by the late Master Chef Mandanlal Jaiswal. Today, it is still followed religiously and meticulously. The appetizers were homemade cheese sauteed with fresh ginger, garlic, onion and tomato and meat samosas of spicy turnovers stuffed with minced lamb and spices. On the sides were freshly cut onions and chilled yogurt dressings.




Bukhara is heavy on meat and really isn’t a good place for vegetarians. I loved the murgh malai kebab, a boneless chicken marinated with cream cheese, malt vinegar, and green coriander. For red-meat lovers, don’t miss the signature sikandari raan, the tender leg of lamb marinated in herbs. The jumbo prawns were equally memorable.



Above all is Bukhara’s dal, its rich and creamy black lentils simmered overnight with tomatoes, ginger, and garlic. My colleague, Rohit, told me that this was the best in India and probably the top in the world too. See our happy faces?


Pic with Kim and Paula

The homemade ice cream had certainly sweetened many faces with its exotic concoction of saffron, pistachoi and nuts.
     Carolina, Yuan and Kim

Pic with Donna and Ed

What a wonderful night of great food and joyous fun…

Pic with Johann

Pic with Zorina and Jodi

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6-11 Jan 2007: Gurgaon, New Delhi

I am spending a couple of days in Gurgaon this week. Gurgaon is one of upcoming satellite cities near the outskirt of Delhi, located in the Indian state of Haryana. Over the past decades, the city has undergone tremendous development and construction and the success came with a social price. The rapid increase in of vehicular traffic almost crippled its transportation system. Every major roads is unbelievably crowded during the rush hours – the concoction of pollution, honking vehicles and throngs of pedestrians pushes us beyond sanity. Almost everyday!

Having meals in India is no easy feast; the usual heavy road congestion brings the traffic almost to a standstill. It is common to get stranded for hours on the way to lunch. Worst, and after you tuck in the great food in the stomach, you are subject to a nausea, bumpy ride home, under the scorching summer heat.

We should venture out for new food today, declared Gagan, my Indian colleague. It has been days that you have confined your cuisine choice to hotel buffets and the two restaurants in our office tower, he said. That’s how we ended up at the Haldiram’s. Started in Bikaner (Northern India), this restaurant chain is one of India’s largest sweets and snacks manufacturers. Indian Sweets, Namkeens (Savories), Salted Snacks, papad, 3-D Snacks, 3-D Pellets, Vermicelli, Pasta & other ready to eat snacks – you name it, they have it neatly wrapped and brightly displayed behind the show cabinets. It is no surprise to discover that Indian does have very sweet tooth.

It was estimated that more than 30% of the Indians maintained a vegetarian diet. Even for Indians who do eat meat, they often do so infrequently.

 Here’s what I had at Haldiram’s. Wheat grained naan with curry and side dishes of salads and poppadom.


And ended my meal with a sweet noted frozen dessert – signature kulfi.

While I was eating at Haldiram’s, my mind was still clinging to the memory of the chicken bryani rice which I had yesterday. Fragrant long-grained rice with generous serving of herbs, spices and chicken. And it complimented very well with the grilled fish that I ordered.


I guess that’s what they meant: what fills the stomach fills the soul!

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